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Pro Tips for Buying and Selling a Home in Park City

Buying Pro Tip #1: Why should you get a home with Southern exposure?


There are a few reasons why a home with southern exposure in Park City might be a good choice. One reason is that homes with southern exposure tend to get more natural light, which can be desirable for many people. Additionally, a home with southern exposure may be warmer in the winter months due to the sun's rays being able to shine directly on the home. This can be especially beneficial in a cold climate like Park City, where the winter temperatures can be quite low. Finally, a home with southern exposure may also have a better view, as it may be positioned to overlook a valley or other scenic area. 

Home Maintenance Pro Tip #1: How to keep good airflow in your Park City home?


As a homeowner, I make sure to keep my outdoor heating and ventilation clear of any obstructions during outdoor events. These units are designed to circulate air and regulate temperature, and any blockages can significantly affect their performance. This can result in uncomfortable temperatures for your family and guests, and potentially even damage to the unit itself. Watch this video to know more!